Eoin Kilbride- Portfolio

TCD IntraVarsity Tool

Commissioned by Trinity College Dublin, the aim of this project was to reveal patterns and anomalies in student enrolments in the university at faculty, school and course level for institutional research purposes.

Built using JavaScript, JQeury and D3.js, this interactive line graph allows users to filter the data by a range of parameters, empowering them with the autonomy to answer the questions they need answered.

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TCD InterVarsity Tool

Similarly to the TCD IntraVarsity Tool above, this visualization tool aims to bring meaning to student data in Trinity College Dublin. This tool, however, enables users to compare Trinity College's enrolment numbers with competing universities.

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Irish Property Dashboard
(under development)

Currently under development and displaying dummy data, this dashboard with will relate current market figures for Irish property.

Scraping data from sites such as MyHome.ie, a combination of small multiples and heat maps will convey distribution of properites and prices around the country.

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London Squared Map

Built as a proof of concept for London based data design agency After the Flood, this prototype shows how a geographic map abstracted into a grid format can show a more unbiased and unconstrained display of data throughout its subdivisions in the form of bubble charts, choropleths, line graphs and bar charts.

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TCD in numbers

TCD in numbers is an interactive data visualisation project that provides users with a tool to extract meaning from typically inaccessible statistics pertaining to the student body of Trinity College Dublin. Through the medium of a website, users can access graphic representations of data spanning the last hundred years.

Drawing on official records from Trinity College and the Higher Education Authority and focusing on the four major themes of Gender, Domiciliary, Faculty and Age, TCD in numbers reveals patterns and raises questions about data that would otherwise be hidden in banal statistics.

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Hexagonal Grid Map -
Proof of Concept

Similar to the project above, these maps were built as a proof of concept inspired by this article, whereby traditional maps are abstracted into grids to prevent larger geographic areas bearing more weight.

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GAA Statistics

I love creating data visualizations in my own time. These interactive visualizations portray the All Ireland Hurling and Football winning counties since the foundation of the GAA as well as statistics pertaining to the top hurling scorers of all time.

Featured on LiveGaelic.com.

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Seanchló Web App

My interest in infusing the arts and technology is encapsulated by this web-based app I built for Saint Patrick’s Day, one that converts user inputted text into ancient Gaelic script, complete with typographic ligatures and glyphs.

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The Troubles

Currently under development, this interactive time lapse bubble graph will visualize the atrocities that occurred throughout the span of the troubles, relating geographic location and number of casualties.